Sunday, 24 September 2017


If there's a heaven for our kind
A place to unite
Where peace and purpose is all that you find
And may I remind
That we all could shine

Just a little love, encouragement and time
Where the truth isn't bitter
And the Golden memories, glitter
If I grow, you grow, we grow and we don't wither
Nor lose ourselves to desires and vanity
And the prerequisite of society
Heartaches and anxiety 

Maybe there's a place we could tender all our problems and our pain 
And get washed off of our stains 
There's a heaven for we youths 
No one has to die 'fore we live in truth

No matter the race, ethnicity and diversity in our roots
We could all sow a seed, and freedom is the fruit
So that living won't be a sin
And we all could win.

If there's a heaven for our type
Are we free to fly?
Is it safe to die, when you realise that our hope relies
On a God, a higher power, who replies
Our prayers, and out of his riches, supplies
Us a heaven, to grow, Survive.

By : Banji Sage Adeosun

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