Sunday, 24 September 2017


If there's a heaven for our kind
A place to unite
Where peace and purpose is all that you find
And may I remind
That we all could shine

Just a little love, encouragement and time
Where the truth isn't bitter
And the Golden memories, glitter
If I grow, you grow, we grow and we don't wither
Nor lose ourselves to desires and vanity
And the prerequisite of society
Heartaches and anxiety 

Maybe there's a place we could tender all our problems and our pain 
And get washed off of our stains 
There's a heaven for we youths 
No one has to die 'fore we live in truth

No matter the race, ethnicity and diversity in our roots
We could all sow a seed, and freedom is the fruit
So that living won't be a sin
And we all could win.

If there's a heaven for our type
Are we free to fly?
Is it safe to die, when you realise that our hope relies
On a God, a higher power, who replies
Our prayers, and out of his riches, supplies
Us a heaven, to grow, Survive.

By : Banji Sage Adeosun

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Let's get naked !
I don't mean clothes off
Pants down
And buttons flying

I want to see you naked
I want to see your soul
I want to hear your secrets
And the adventures you experience in your head

I want to hear what makes you smile
I want to know what turns you on
And I don't mean sexually

So what do you say?
I'd like to get naked.
Without clothes going off
And buttons flying.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Lights, Camera, Action !
Life is a stage, I'm told.
Act well and you'd be rewarded.

But I hate acting.
Let's be real
The society is full of people with fake lives
All because life is a stage.

Life is a stage, I'm told.
Be believable and you'd go places
But I don't want to go places. 
Maybe just a few places.

I'd rather remain in my comfort zone 
In my own world
With my own creation
But life is a stage.

Sunday, 3 September 2017


I wanted happily ever after.
I thought I'd be happy.
You know how in one second you think you're making the right decision but months later you find yourself wishing you could change your decision?
Well, that's my story.
I must've told you about this before since this is my 50th letter to you in one month.
I know.

It took years before finally agreeing to this and a couple of months down, I know I should’ve stayed away.
I wish I had.
Now I'm all shades of messed up.
This is going to be short cos I don't want to be dramatic.
I'm sure you hate drama. He does too.
Now I'm writing all over the place cos words fail me.

Happily ever after failed me.
So I sit here every night writing letters to ghosts.