Sunday, 27 August 2017


I used to think demons referred to mystical beings.
Beings who only existed in stories.
Bible stories especially.
But I have grown to know that Demons do not necessarily have to be mystical beings.
Demons are the battles we fight, the addictions we can't let go of, the scars from our past that haunt us, the decisions we wished we had made,  and the outcome of decisions we made.
I realised this after facing my demon.

You'd think I was addicted to drugs or alcohol.
You'd think I was addicted to masturbation as most people my age were.
But no.
I was addicted to this demon called sex.
It was a craving.
One that needed to be met at every point in time.
I cared less with who or where.
I just wanted the feeling of orgasms.
I wanted the highness that comes with it.
A different kind of highness.
One you wouldn't get from alcohol or drugs.
It was euphoric.
I thought I was "living my life".
But I was dying.
I knew it.
I just couldn't bring myself to face the truth.
You know deep down we all know our actions are wrong, but we never face them.
I was a coward.
But that changed when I decided enough was enough.
I didn't want my addiction to get the best of me anymore.
"I can't continue this way", I said to myself.
I knew I was more than this.
I just didn't know how to be more than this.
So I sought for  help.
And I got help.
It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make.
I was deprived of my demon.
I missed it for a while.
I fell back to it at some point.
But I got back up.
I knew I was more than that.
Till I overcame.
Now you've read about my demon.
I know you have yours.
Are you ready to face it and be better?
Reach out for help.
Confide in someone.
And you'll  be better.
I know you're more than this.

P.S. This is fictional and all characters and situations are not linked to the author. 
Have a good read.


  1. It is am inspiration, filled with actually issues bugging me precisely as such ma how do you think we can eliminate such urges knowing fully well that temptations are bound to come

    1. Temptations are definitely bound to happen. It all depends on your resolve. Life is all about choices. You either choose to fall into that temptation and submit to your urges or ignore the temptation and direct your energy to positive and productive things.