Friday, 25 August 2017



11:40 am

You know how they say you’d find a love so deep you’d want to drown? I thought I found mine when I met you. I experienced it all, the butterflies in my stomach, the fluttering, my hands shook and my cheeks flushed. I even heard the background music in my head like we starred in our own Indian movie. It felt like love.
But it was pain.
Pain served cold.
I remember feeling like I wasn't enough for you, thinking that I didn’t deserve you.
I should’ve known better. You didn’t deserve me. I should’ve thought better of myself and little of you.
We started our journey. It was beautiful, I think.
We were happy. Or should I say, I was happy. But for a moment.  And yes I know a moment doesn't last more than 90 seconds.
You started to pull away. You drifted. You didn’t notice me anymore. You called me ugly. I no longer caught your gaze. Your attention was expensive.
It hurt, I’ll admit. But I guess I was expecting it. You had taken what you wanted.
You had seen me naked because you took my clothes off, you saw my skin and touched my body. You ravaged me.
You got me where you wanted and how you wanted.
Now I held no meaning to you. It hurt, I'll admit. The hardest part was accepting my fault and deciding to forgive you.

I chose to move on.  To heal and be better.
Now you see me, healing, praying and glowing.
Now you want me but can’t have me.
You made me become better, you’d say.
But I chose to be better. Not for you or other thirsty people. But for me.
Remember I said you'd find a love so deep you’d want to drown?
That Love isn’t a love for someone else. It is a love for yourself.
SELF LOVE, its called.
A love for ME.
A love after you've healed.


  1. self love isn't really a sign of healing, it could be due to denial of been heartbroken

  2. Self love is the most important, when you begin to love yourself, you learn to love others, rem the saying "Love your Neighbours as yourself" you must first learn to love yourself. But that's not healing, That's the key to not need unnecessary Healings. Love God, yourself and others. Stay real to this.