Sunday, 24 December 2017


I had a list
Not of roses or gifts, but of joy and love
Not of bags or treats, but of friends and happiness
Not to see Santa or get a tree, but to have good company and be free.
Red or green, whatever it is
All I see is teeth and smiles.

A magical Christmas with lights and fireworks
Food and dancing, Promises made and renewed
Love rekindled and hope given
Little or much, whatever is given
Still all I see is teeth and smiles.

A Christmas to remember, more like a fairy tale
Something out of a book I’d say.
Christmas melodies, musical symphonies
Spirited children with angelic voices,
Each waiting on the perfect gift from Santa

Hugs and kisses passed around
Lessons and teachings fill our ears
In the spirit of festivity I find myself
And in this I get my very own
A white Christmas.


Sunday, 3 December 2017


Flowers in my part of town never bloomed completely. Maybe if they did, they would invert the photosynthesis process and we would all be in trouble.

Toriseju was a pretty damsel from Mass Communications. She was an appropriate example of ‘beauty with brains’.
If stared at, at the right time, under the right conditions, with her being the constant K, she looked like a sculpted piece of enchanting beauty, meticulously worked upon by a sculptor with masters in his field. In addition, her voice. Oh, her voice was so holy in its own accord no doubts.
I have to admit that her beautiful cleavage got to my head. Not more than her shapely buttocks though. They complemented each other in the right way. No, not in the figure eight type of way, I am talking of holy beauty. Just like beauty in holiness. You could call it Beauty, her royal holiness. When she went on her morning jogs across campus, her body created visual images in the minds of guys. In addition, girls too. However, that made me curious. I saw women every day and that was only a slight difference that my being could cope with.
Just like caramel topping to a wonderfully baked chocolate cake, her intelligence capped her beauty in the right way. I just wanted to know her. I have to point out here that my sapiosexuality is off the charts, so it is not new for me to lose weight over intelligent women.
Show me a well-chiseled face with smoky eyes and luscious lips. A perfectly shaped body and a graceful walk and I would tell you that is pretty.
Now show me all these coupled with a good heart, good character and intelligence and that right there is the true definition of beautiful.
Toriseju was all shades of ugly in all corners of beautiful.

I was however willing to take her through the metamorphosis needed. I do not claim to be holier than thou are but I put up with all her mess and she knew.
My eyes were covered with a terribly opaque veil and my comfortability was not in question. I carried on until my well of patience began to run dry. You see, Toriseju fetched water from this well in undue excess. To bath, drink, wash and even to water the plants in her garden. I wonder now, why this was so when there was a borehole of common sense inside her father’s compound.
I have decided to cover up the well recently. I have reached out to well-known contractors, Lessons & Experiences. I believe they would do a good job in converting my well into a borehole. Luckily, Toriseju happens to have a blind mind, so she probably would see the tap. However, if she does and she can stroke it well enough to pour out its contents, then so be it.
Now that my veil is uncovered, I am going into the world in search of a beautiful woman. I know perfection is farfetched. However, I want an imperfection that is mine. Not up for grabs or sharing. In addition, I know this might seem greedy to you but to be very honest, a part of my mind wants you to burn in the uncharted parts of hell for that. However, the winning side says to let you go and care less.
As I embark on my journey, I look closely at my part of town and smile ruefully. I have never had lasting or fulfilling relationships here.
Maybe. Just maybe because flowers did not bloom completely here, that is why relationships never sailed.


Sunday, 24 September 2017


If there's a heaven for our kind
A place to unite
Where peace and purpose is all that you find
And may I remind
That we all could shine

Just a little love, encouragement and time
Where the truth isn't bitter
And the Golden memories, glitter
If I grow, you grow, we grow and we don't wither
Nor lose ourselves to desires and vanity
And the prerequisite of society
Heartaches and anxiety 

Maybe there's a place we could tender all our problems and our pain 
And get washed off of our stains 
There's a heaven for we youths 
No one has to die 'fore we live in truth

No matter the race, ethnicity and diversity in our roots
We could all sow a seed, and freedom is the fruit
So that living won't be a sin
And we all could win.

If there's a heaven for our type
Are we free to fly?
Is it safe to die, when you realise that our hope relies
On a God, a higher power, who replies
Our prayers, and out of his riches, supplies
Us a heaven, to grow, Survive.

By : Banji Sage Adeosun

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Let's get naked !
I don't mean clothes off
Pants down
And buttons flying

I want to see you naked
I want to see your soul
I want to hear your secrets
And the adventures you experience in your head

I want to hear what makes you smile
I want to know what turns you on
And I don't mean sexually

So what do you say?
I'd like to get naked.
Without clothes going off
And buttons flying.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Lights, Camera, Action !
Life is a stage, I'm told.
Act well and you'd be rewarded.

But I hate acting.
Let's be real
The society is full of people with fake lives
All because life is a stage.

Life is a stage, I'm told.
Be believable and you'd go places
But I don't want to go places. 
Maybe just a few places.

I'd rather remain in my comfort zone 
In my own world
With my own creation
But life is a stage.

Sunday, 3 September 2017


I wanted happily ever after.
I thought I'd be happy.
You know how in one second you think you're making the right decision but months later you find yourself wishing you could change your decision?
Well, that's my story.
I must've told you about this before since this is my 50th letter to you in one month.
I know.

It took years before finally agreeing to this and a couple of months down, I know I should’ve stayed away.
I wish I had.
Now I'm all shades of messed up.
This is going to be short cos I don't want to be dramatic.
I'm sure you hate drama. He does too.
Now I'm writing all over the place cos words fail me.

Happily ever after failed me.
So I sit here every night writing letters to ghosts.

Sunday, 27 August 2017


I used to think demons referred to mystical beings.
Beings who only existed in stories.
Bible stories especially.
But I have grown to know that Demons do not necessarily have to be mystical beings.
Demons are the battles we fight, the addictions we can't let go of, the scars from our past that haunt us, the decisions we wished we had made,  and the outcome of decisions we made.
I realised this after facing my demon.

You'd think I was addicted to drugs or alcohol.
You'd think I was addicted to masturbation as most people my age were.
But no.
I was addicted to this demon called sex.
It was a craving.
One that needed to be met at every point in time.
I cared less with who or where.
I just wanted the feeling of orgasms.
I wanted the highness that comes with it.
A different kind of highness.
One you wouldn't get from alcohol or drugs.
It was euphoric.
I thought I was "living my life".
But I was dying.
I knew it.
I just couldn't bring myself to face the truth.
You know deep down we all know our actions are wrong, but we never face them.
I was a coward.
But that changed when I decided enough was enough.
I didn't want my addiction to get the best of me anymore.
"I can't continue this way", I said to myself.
I knew I was more than this.
I just didn't know how to be more than this.
So I sought for  help.
And I got help.
It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make.
I was deprived of my demon.
I missed it for a while.
I fell back to it at some point.
But I got back up.
I knew I was more than that.
Till I overcame.
Now you've read about my demon.
I know you have yours.
Are you ready to face it and be better?
Reach out for help.
Confide in someone.
And you'll  be better.
I know you're more than this.

P.S. This is fictional and all characters and situations are not linked to the author. 
Have a good read.

Friday, 25 August 2017



11:40 am

You know how they say you’d find a love so deep you’d want to drown? I thought I found mine when I met you. I experienced it all, the butterflies in my stomach, the fluttering, my hands shook and my cheeks flushed. I even heard the background music in my head like we starred in our own Indian movie. It felt like love.
But it was pain.
Pain served cold.
I remember feeling like I wasn't enough for you, thinking that I didn’t deserve you.
I should’ve known better. You didn’t deserve me. I should’ve thought better of myself and little of you.
We started our journey. It was beautiful, I think.
We were happy. Or should I say, I was happy. But for a moment.  And yes I know a moment doesn't last more than 90 seconds.
You started to pull away. You drifted. You didn’t notice me anymore. You called me ugly. I no longer caught your gaze. Your attention was expensive.
It hurt, I’ll admit. But I guess I was expecting it. You had taken what you wanted.
You had seen me naked because you took my clothes off, you saw my skin and touched my body. You ravaged me.
You got me where you wanted and how you wanted.
Now I held no meaning to you. It hurt, I'll admit. The hardest part was accepting my fault and deciding to forgive you.

I chose to move on.  To heal and be better.
Now you see me, healing, praying and glowing.
Now you want me but can’t have me.
You made me become better, you’d say.
But I chose to be better. Not for you or other thirsty people. But for me.
Remember I said you'd find a love so deep you’d want to drown?
That Love isn’t a love for someone else. It is a love for yourself.
SELF LOVE, its called.
A love for ME.
A love after you've healed.